A Simple Project Tracker - Usage

ASPT is designed to provide project tracking for small project teams. Team members can enter time spent, estimated remaining time and comments for each task. ASPT can also help users to improve their estimating skills by comparing their actual times to the original estimate which is maintained in the system.

NOTE: ASPT provides absolutely no security features! It assumes an environment of trust.

Home Page

To enter your times.

Select your user name from the Data Entry list and click Login. This will take you to the Data Entry page.

To view a project report

Select the project from the Reports list and click Report. The report will be displayed.

To edit the reference data

Select the data table to edit from the Reference Data list and click Edit. This will take you to the data edit page.

Data Entry Page

For each task enter the amount of time spent, the new estimate for remaining time and, optionally, a comment. Click Save to save the new data. Click Reset to reset the table to the last-saved data. Click Home to return to the ASPT Home Page.

Project Report Page

Use your web browser's Print function to print the report. Click Home to return to the ASPT Home Page.

Reference Data

User Types

This provides a list of user types that can be used to describe the primary role of a user. For example it could include Developer, Tester, Team Leader etc.


This is the list of users that can log in. Each user has a Name, Password and User Type.
NOTE: The password is included for possible future use. It is not currently used nor is it in any way encrypted!


This is the list of projects to be tracked. A project has a Name and may also have a User specified as the project leader and have a client name assigned. When deleting a Project you can also choose to delete all the Task records for that Project.


These are the Tasks that need to be performed to complete the Projects. Each Task belongs to a Project and has a Name and an Original Estimate. The Task also contains the ongoing data that is entered by the Users.


This defines the tasks to which each user is assigned.
Assignments that are marked as Complete will not appear in the User's data entry page.

Editing functions

Each reference data editing page provides the following main functions.

Add a new data record
Enter the new data in the data entry fields and click Add
Update data records
Change the data in the main table and click Update
Delete data records
Select the records to delete in the Deletecolumn and click Delete
NOTE: Clicking Delete will immediately delete the selected records.
Return to the ASPT Home page
Click on the Home link.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 John Lemcke