A Simple TimeSheet - Usage

ASTS allows a group of people to record the hours worked on a variety of Projects. Each Project can be divided into a number of different Tasks. There are global Projects and Tasks as well as personal Projects and Tasks for each user. Weekly reports by User or Project can also be generated.

NOTE: ASTS provides absolutely no security features! It assumes an environment of trust.

Login Page

To record your times.

Enter your name and select the Starting Monday on the ASTS login page. The Starting Monday selector defaults to the most recent Monday and includes the previous three and the next three Mondays.

Click Login to go to the main Data Entry page.

To edit your Personal Projects and Tasks.

Enter your name and click Edit to go to the Personal Projects and Tasks page.

To generate a report.

Select the Starting Monday.

Click User Report or Project Report to generate the required report.

Data Entry Page

Select existing Projects and Tasks from the menus in the first two columns. These menus contain the items from your Personal Projects and Tasks lists (if any have been created) followed by the global items.
To clear an entry select the blank option between your personal items and the global items in the menu.
Enter new Projects and/or Tasks in the text fields in the last four rows of the table. If you want to save these new entries for future use select the Save New Projects/Tasks toggle. The new items will be saved in your Personal Projects and Tasks lists when you save the TimeSheet.

Enter the time spent on each task, and a note if required. If you only want to enter a total for the week then the daily time fields may be left blank and a figure entered in the Total column. If there are no values in the daily fields the total is not changed.

Click Reset to undo all changes made since opening the TimeSheet page.

Click Clear to completely clear the TimeSheet.

Click Save to save the TimeSheet (and new Projects or Tasks if needed). This will also re-calculate the totals figures.

To enter data for a different week select the new Starting Monday from the Change Date list and click Load. Note that any unsaved changes for the current week will be lost.

Click Logout to return to the Login page.

Personal Projects and Tasks

Your Personal Projects and Tasks are listed in the text areas, one item per line. Edit the contents as needed.

Click Save to save your Personal Projects and Tasks.

Click Return to return to the ASTS login page.


There are two reports available. Each shows data for a specified week.

The User Report shows, for each user, the total time spent on each Task within each Project and their total for the week.

The Project Report shows, for each Project, the total time spent on each Task and the total for the week.

Click Return to return to the ASTS login page.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007; John Lemcke